By now it’s a well-known fact That Sims 4 Get to work is coming in just over a month. But with the short amount of information we have comes a LOT of speculation of what’s going to be in the pack; What will the careers be like? Can we visit Hospitals without working there? What will running a business be like? I’m going to be comparing this pack and what we know of it to Open for business & Ambitions. Also with comparing it I will be sharing my wishes for what I would like to be in this pack.


The amount of Businesses we could run In Open for business was truly amazing, From flower shops to Gyms to Bakeries to Car Dealerships. With all of them You also had choices; Run the store yourself, Hire employees to run the store or Have The Electrono-Ticket Machine Run the store for you. You could set prices from high to low and anywhere in-between. Your Sims could even run a business from Home.

Now with Get to work will our Sims be able to do anything like this? I would love to see all of this return but due to the fact it’s a mix of businesses and active careers i doubt we will. But things I really want to see come back with businesses would have to be some of the following;

Talent Badges

With Talent badges it was easy to run a business, Sims with a sales talent badge would be working on sales and making a lot of them. Without them how would are businesses work? would our Sims have any job to do or would they be skills? Hopefully we have talent badges and they’re hidden?

Tasks for Employees

We Know Employees are returning in Get to work and that we can set their uniforms but, Something I find we need importantly is the ability to set tasks for our employees. We desperately need this as i found in Open for business my employees constantly were just hanging around and would only take action to restock, If we have the ability to tell them what to do i feel the whole business aspect will improve greatly.

Customer Reactions to sales 

Another issue I had with Open for business was how your customers reacted to sales. Sure basic sale was useful but when you used hard sale there was a huge risk to offend your customers, When they reacted i found they became angry and often would shout at your Sims, I hope they have improved this as i have never known somebody to shout at an employee because they didn’t like the product!

Active Careers:

Sims 3 Ambitions wasn’t really a good alternative to Open for business but the aspect of the game was good, I see the careers coming with Get to work have definitely improved upon Ambitions and It excites me to hear more about these. I still have Multiple questions I need answered about the upcoming careers though.


In the trailer we see two Sims with weird patterns over their skin, It’s most likely that these are Illnesses coming with Get to work In April. I strongly hope these illnesses are possible to catch outside of the hospital and aren’t just faked for the sake of the career. Also if we do get these illnesses I hope they come in a lot of detail, the small things can change our game, sneezing, coughing etc.

Visiting Work Areas

This question has been on my mind since the trailer released and i still need it answered, I would love it if our Sims can visit the hospital or police station without working there. Our Sims brother Gets arrested? Go visit them, In labor or sick? Go to the hospital, give birth or get treated. It would be pointless if it’s only accessible for work purposes.

Crime Scenes & Robbers

A while back In some game code someone discovered a string of text saying “Your house is now a crime scene” Again I hope the work areas affect our Sims on the outside world, If robbers make a return they come to our house, steal something, our Sims call the cops and the scene plays out from there. I again hope our Sims aren’t limited to these situations.


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