60+ BRAND NEW Recipes in Sims 4: Get To Work

Via SimsVIP

Baking adds to the cooking system with new recipes and fun ways to dress up your Sim’s baked goods. Sims can bake foods such as cookies, pies, tarts, doughnuts, and specialty cakes. Baking can be used in the retail system if your Sim wants to run a bakery business.


Some essential objects that help sell baked goods include the Cupcake Factory and Warming Rack, which are used to store baked food items. The Cupcake Factory can be used to create small, mass-produced pastry-filled like doughnuts and tarts. As your Sim progresses in the Baking Skill, they can add toppings, frosting, or piping (at a small Simoleon cost). Some recipes require specific ingredients to be created.


Recipe Oven/CupCake Machine Ingredients Required?
Alien Fruit Tarts Cupcake Machine Yes
Artisan Herb Bread Oven Yes
Bacon Wrapped Donuts Cupcake Machine No
Banana Bread Oven Yes
Banana Cream Pie Oven Yes
Berry Macaroons Cupcake Machine No
Blueberry Bagel Oven No
Bread Oven No
Bread Pudding Oven No
Bread Sticks Oven No
Carrot Bread Oven Yes
Carrot Cake Oven Yes
Cereal Marshmallow Squares Oven No
Cereal Topped Donuts Cupcake Machine No
Cheesy Bread Oven No
Chocolate Biscotti Cupcake Machine No
Chocolate Donuts Cupcake Machine No
Chocolate Souffle Oven No
Cowplant Essence Pie Oven Yes
Cream Filled Donuts Cupcake Machine No
Cream Tarts Cupcake Machine No
Creme Brulee Cupcake Machine No
Croissants Cupcake Machine No
Doughnut Holes Cupcake Machine No
Eclairs Cupcake Machine No
Everything Bagel Oven Yes
Exotic Fruit Pie Oven Yes
Exotic Fruit Tarts Cupcake Machine Yes
Fish Pie Oven Yes
Fruit Pie Oven Yes
Fruit Scones Cupcake Machine Yes
Fruit Tarts Cupcake Machine Yes
FruitCake Oven Yes
Fudge Bars Oven No
Glazed Donuts Cupcake Machine No
Jelly Filled Donuts Cupcake Machine Yes
Lava Bunt Cake Oven Yes
Lemon Bars Oven Yes
Lemon Meringue Pie Oven Yes
Mixed Fruit Tarts Cupcake Machine Yes
Oatmeal Cookies Oven No
Onion Bagels Oven No
Peanut Butter Cookies Oven No
Plain Bagels Oven No
Plain Donuts Cupcake Machine No
Plain Muffins Cupcake Machine No
Plain Scones Cupcake Machine No
Potato Bread Oven Yes
Powdered Donuts Cupcake Machine No
Pre-mixed Brownies Oven No
Profiteroles Cupcake Machine No
Rainbow Gelatin Cake Oven Yes
Salmon Corquettes Cupcake Machine No
Shepard’s Pie Oven Yes
Soft Shell Crab Cake Cupcake Machine No
Sourdough Loaf Oven No
Spinach and Mushroom Quiche Oven Yes
Spinach and Onion Quiche Oven Yes
Sugar Cookies Oven No
Sweet Potato Pie Oven Yes
Voodoo Doll Donuts Cupcake Machine Yes
Whole Wheat Loaf Oven No

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