Lack of posts? This SHOULD help you out!

Hey guys!
By now I’m certain you all know about an event that took place last week for fans, fansites and youtubers, There was a huge outburst of Information and you may be wondering why I haven’t been posting it. So, I have two reasons as to why I haven’t been posting, The first being the Huge amount of information released was a LOT, I’m currently gathering it all together to make an ENTIRE page devoted to Get To work; This will include information on Aliens, Sixam, the three careers and Retail businesses.The second reason to my absence is The site! I have an announcement to make! (Don’t worry i’m not quitting the site!) I am IMPROVING THIS site! I’m working on page layout, pages, posts, the look of the site and most importantly guides! Stay tuned for that but, I promise I am not leaving, if you see days where the site is quiet just remember it’s because I am working on the site 🙂


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