Sims 4 Get To Work Preview

The Sims 4 Get to work Was officially announced on 4th February 2015, The Announcement trailer leaked early and revealed The four main features about the game; Three new active careers, Detective, Scientist and Doctor, the video also made the announcement that retail businesses would return within the expansion pack. Over the next few weeks EA released trailers One for each career, One for retail and One for Aliens! On 13th March EA held a fan event inviting Fansites and Youtubers from allover the world to play The Sims 4 Get to work. From the event we learnt a LOT of new information on Aliens, Planet Sixam, The Baking and Photography Skills and much more! Listed below is all the information we learnt from the fan event!

Scientist Career

The Scientist Career is one of the three active careers coming in Get To Work, When you first start working as a Scientist Your Sim will mainly have to Brainstorm Ideas, Interact with your Co-workers and Work at the Chemistry table. The Science career gives your Sim the opportunity to create serums, The Serums your Sim make’s, can effect a Sims life span, Emotions, Body shape and even their needs. The serums your Sim creates can be used on themselves or other Sims around town. With the possibility to create serums your Sims can also create a device called the SimRay This can be used to Mind-Control or Freeze Sims, By improving the SimRay your Sim’s will unlock more things to do with it. To be promoted in the Scientist career your Sims will need to make a breakthrough, When your Sim’s do this they will say “Uronka” . Your Sim’s do not have to be in the Lab to have a breakthrough even taking a thoughtful shower can allow your Scientist Sim to have one. (This unlocks the You-reek-a Achievement)

The Scientist Career also comes with a new machine for our Sim’s to mess around with, The machine is Known as The Invention Constructor, This Machine is what allows our Sim’s to make things like The cloning machine and A Portal the Alien world Sixam. (Fun fact Sixam backwards spells Maxis) The Portal to Sixam also allows our Sim’s to summon Aliens to the Lab. With The Invention Constructor our Sim’s can build a relationship, It sounds strange but building a relationship with the machine allows opportunities for better objects to be crafted. If you are Planning on having a Sim work in the Scientist career Do NOT press the red button! *Tip by SimGuruAzure*

Doctor Career

Work As a Doctor In Get To Work starts small; Serving Patients food, Making Patients beds and Just Greeting them to the hospital, But, as you level up in your career things will start to get more intense; More patients, Surgery, delivering babies and making home visits. The main tasks within the doctor career are Running tests and diagnosing a Patients Illness After diagnosing the correct Illness your Sim will need to take action, Delivering the wrong diagnoses could result in your Sim Losing Job Performance. As a doctor you will sometimes be required to leave the hospital to make home visits and visit community lots. As your Sim levels up in the doctor career your Sim will have more work to cope with, Emergency events occur at the hospital, If a Sim faints at the hospital or goes into labor everything will need to be dropped in order to assist the Sim.

The Hospital also has the chance of Pregnant Sim’s arriving, The Sim will either be waiting to find out the gender of their baby or could go Into Labor. With it being possible to deliver babies at the hospital the “Have baby at hospital” Interaction has been updated so your Sims can actually go to the hospital and Give birth. The doctor Career also Gives your Sim a trait which makes your Sim almost Immune to Illnesses, they still have a chance of getting one but being around Ill Sim’s all of the time will not affect a Sim working in the hospital as much as it would an average Sim. The Hospital will ‘Generate’ pregnant Sim’s and Doctors for the purpose of the career.

Detective Career

Sim’s who work in the Detective Career work from the Police Department but most of the career is spent out on the town investigating crime scenes whether it be on a Residential Lot or A Community Lot. Sim’s Can experience Scenes such as Graffiti all over the floor, Fires and just plain crimes with evidence on the floor. Your Sim’s will need to take pictures of the Evidence they find around the House/Lot and Will need to interview Witnesses and The Victim. After taking pictures of the evidence your Sim will return to the Station to Make a scan on a Machine with the evidence. Your Sim will spend the day booking in Suspects to interview, The Suspects will have finger prints taken and have their mugshot taken by an officer. When Your Sim has found a prime suspect they will interview them at the interrogation table, your Sim can play both good cop or bad cop. When your Sim Thinks they have found the Suspect they can choose to lock them away behind bars or let them go.

The Detective career comes with great rewards and awesome Items to work with within the career, A few of my favorites happen to be the Window that has a mirror one side and acts like a window on the other, Jail cell doors and of course the interrogation table which allows are Sim’s to be both Good cop and Bad Cop! As a cop exploring cases around town a tool that works in our favor is the way that when on the case evidence is in a sense highlighted when the officer chooses to!


Retail Is probably the most anticipated feature of this Expansion pack, Next to Aliens. Retail stores are held in Magnolia Promenade but can be situated anywhere within the 2 worlds we already have (Willow Creek & Oasis Springs) Sadly The only Issues With Retail In The Sims 4 Retail lots cannot be set in Granite Falls so Don’t be making any plans for a wildlife store out in the woods. Retail Is a huge feature within the pack and you can Run a store which Sells ANYTHING; Food, Clothes, Build/Buy objects and even collectibles. Magnolia Promenade Comes with 3 Built stores and an Empty lot for you to build whatever you like. The World features A large Park, A Pier and 3 stores. Your Sim’s can run a clothing boutique with mannequins to display a style of clothing you make yourself in CAS, Mannequins come in Adult form and Child form, You can Set a mannequins weight in CAS and They can be posed with an emotion setting, So Snobby children would be more interested in a mannequin in a Confident pose over say, An Embarrassed pose. Tending to your customers needs will earn your Sim Perk Points, Perk points can then be used to buy things to improve your stores curb appeal, Having a higher curb appeal will attract more customers to your store and can be increased by adding Neon signs, Greenery and advertising your store, You can check your stores curb appeal from the Cash Register.

Sim’s cannot run Home Businesses but practically they can; If your Sim can take care of all needs from their retail lot you can Basically “live” on that lot, You will need to return home to do some things though like pay your bills. Employees can be hired to work at your stores and you can have a Maximum of Three Employees. Employees are judged by How they work, If they are devoted to the Job and If they Restock the store etc. You can promote Good working Sims and Criticize bad working Sims , Employee Uniforms can be set in CAS and can be anything from A Bear suit to a pair of Risque Underwear. Sold items are replaced with a “Sold Out” Sign and it will remain there until your Sim or and Employee restocks that item. First edition Items like Collectibles, Craftables and Books will be sold full price but a copy of the Item will not be worth as much as the original. You Can make copies of Photos, Paintings and Books. Customers will buy items from your Store but it will not Appear in their inventories this is so your game stays at the same speed and so your game doesn’t begin to “Bloat” Your Sims can buy things and these Items Will Appear in your Inventory.


Aliens Return in The Sims 4 Get To Work and they’re better than ever with amazing new talents! Not only Do Aliens return with Abductions and Male Pregnancies but they also return with amazing ways to turn heads in the neighborhood! For the first time EVER in a Sims game aliens will be able to disguise themselves In a Human form, You will be able to take your Alien Sim Into CAS and design the Disguise yourself. Another First time in The Sims is the ability to Create Aliens within Create A Sim. 

Aliens will Be Discovered within their own world when you visit after building the portal in the Science career, you can also visit the world in a Rocket after Maxing your Sims Rocket Skill. The Alien world is Named Sixam (Fun Fact: Sixam backwards is Maxis and if you don’t know Maxis You must have been under a rock the past 15 years!) Sixam is hold to Unique Collections, one of the new Collections is named Geodes. You can ‘Unlock’ Geodes by Polishing the glowing orb, The orb will then lose half of itself and you will have a piece of the collection. As I said aliens can be created in CAS and have a Lot of changes which make the Occult unique, Aliens have special makeup to look like marks on their Skin, Aliens Are the Only state in the Game to have Pointy ears, Aliens have 2 Special suits they can wear one black, one white and finally, Aliens have New Skin tones Unique to themselves, Blue, Green, Purple and White. Aliens Include all life stages in the game; baby, child, teen, young adult, adult and elder, Baby aliens have special Alien Cribs and when an Alien Sim Dies they have a special modern Tombstone. To increase your chances of an alien abduction you can place the Alien themed Mailbox on your Sim’s Lot! Sixam Also comes with News plants, Crystal and Metals for your Sim’s to Discover!

Baking and Photography Skills

 The Photography Skill is one I see myself taking advantage of Hugely When Get to work Releases and I can’t wait to get my hands on the feature. Your Sim’s can now take Selfies and Professional Photos of themselves, Scenery and Other Sims. You can take Group Shots, Silly Photos and even photo’s of you and your Sims Wife/Husband, Boyfriend/Girlfriend. The Photo’s your Sim takes on their Smartphone Or Camera Will be held in your Sims Inventory, You can hang these pictures on the wall or put them on the counter. Pick filters for your Photos like You would do on Simstagram 😉 After the Filter is applied place the Photo on the wall and pick a frame!

RGTW_41  RGTW_33

The Baking Skill is also new to The Sims 4, The Skill joins the other two cooking skills; cooking and gourmet cooking. The Skill adds 60+ Brand New Recipes into the game, All of the Recipes your Sim learns will be held in a new Item called the Notebook, It will be held in the Smartphone and contains all recipes your Sim Makes, I assume it also holds records of old collectibles your Sim Has. The 60 New Recipes added to the game range from Pies to Muffins, Cakes to Tarts, Bagels to Fudge Bars there Is a HUGE variety of what you can make with the skill! The Skill will work perfectly with Bakeries and all can be made on the oven or cupcake machine. It adds a much needed improvement to the cupcake machine but I think with all the possibilities we have to make on it, it needs a new name now!

I will be Releasing a Full Review of the game when it Comes out In Just TWO WEEKS! I will also be making guides to help you through the careers when I get a copy! My first opinions on the Game are amazing this is a Great Quality First Expansion Pack and I can’t wait to see what we’ll be getting over the next 4 years! Congrats to The Sims team for coming up with such a great Idea to merge Open for business and Ambitons!


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