Secret Agent Career


Diamond Agent or Villain

07-23-15_2-02 PM

Skills Required:

Charisma, Logic, Mischief

Ideal Mood:

Naturally, Focused is the ideal mood for budding secret agents. They’ll need to be on the ball mentally as well as physically to track down those baddies and save the world!

Ideal Traits:

Genius, Romantic, Perfectionist, Ambitious, Good, Evil (obviously not both!)

Top Hourly Wage:

$515, Triple Agent

Career Perks:

This career offers some neat little build mode rewards that help your Sims’ home look and feel like a spy’s hideaway. Notable rewards include a new desk and computer, a Tactical Map, a Hidden Bookcase door, and some new CAS parts.


This has been one of my favourite careers to play, and I liked that it’s the first time we’ve seen a career like this in the Sims franchise. The career split does not occur until fairly late into the career (level 7) and this may be because it’s more of a lifestyle choice than a career choice! Should you opt for the Diamond Agent your Sim will spend the remainder of their career chasing baddies and saving the world, however, should you opt for the Villain career path – well, the clue’s in the title isn’t it? Mischief and meddling abound as your Sim puts their knowledge to use trying to conquer the world one Sim neighbourhood at a time!

Hints and Tips

I was surprised to find that romantic interactions are the daily task to advance through to Diamond Agent! This is worth remembering once you start progressing in this career – it’s all well and good if your Sim already has a romantic partner, but it can cause a little delay if your Sim needs to run out chasing the next person that walks past their door, just so they can fulfil their romantic notions! It’s not necessary, but promotions come a lot quicker if you complete your daily tasks.07-23-15_2-21 PM-4

I found the shifts for the Diamond Double Agent really long, bet I guess saving the world isn’t a 9 to 5 job! It’s something to bear in mind for family players though.

Villains need to perform mischief interactions to fulfil their daily task, so I actually found the Secret Agent career as a whole worked better for a Sim in a household rather than a single Sim living alone. It just means there are more Sims on hand to ‘meddle’ with. *evil laugh*


2 thoughts on “Secret Agent Career

    • Hehe! My Sim really flew through this career – but then again, she’s now a pro at EVERYTHING, since she’ practically tried every career now! At this stage she doesn’t have to try as hard to progress 😉

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