Sims 4 Get Together: NEW INFORMATION!

A lot of information has surfaced about the Social Groups in the Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack set to release in November.

Via (translated by SimsCommunity using Google Translate)

  • Windenburg is modeled on European cities and should be in contrast to the otherwise so American style of the game
  • The group activity is one of the main features. The question of whether the Add On brings other innovations, was not answered us concretely.
  • There is a new icon in the interface, which contains a menu for the group settings.
  • Group members can be seen from the group icons in their Plumbbobs. In addition, a crown denotes the group leader.
  • For groups there are different settings, so you can for example specify the dress code, adjust rules ( behavior towards other groups), decide where the group like depends on what they like or what they dislike. You can adjust for example, that a “chess-group” members only receives, which also owns corresponding logic skills.
  • Groups may consist of 2 to 8 Sims and Sim each may be a maximum of a member of three groups
  • Group members always do everything together (eg dancing together, sit and walk)
  • There is an espresso bar, which the Sim can produce different drinks, thus influencing his emotions.
  • In the new closet your Sims can change their outfits and the group members ask what they think. In addition, the closet for children to play and WooHoo is available.
  • There are several new locations in Get Together to celebrate or to which depend on the Sims.
  • In the presentation we were told by the places a plot shown, which is a type illuminated ruin represents where the Sims can dance the DJ booth.
  • Two new skills: the ability to dance and DJ ability. All the better the skills, the better the Sims can dance or make music.
  • new Lot Size: 64 x 64
  • The group system is also available for children and teenagers
  • A new style pool, which can be just like a normal pool decorated (it resembles a lake)
  • There will be new romance Inter cations.
  • NPC also form their own groups.
  • New Woohoo object: Bush
  • Most likely no new creatures, because “is mainly focused on the group activities” now.
  • New Party objects which can also be transported in the inventory.

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