Tech Guru Career


Start Up Entrepreneur or eSports Gamer

Skills Required:

Programming, Video Gaming, Charisma

Ideal Mood:

The ideal mood for our tech savvy Sims is Focused, which can easily be achieved by browsing Simipedia.or drinking pitch black tea.

Ideal Traits:

Genius, Geek, Outgoing, Ambitious

Top Hourly Wage:

$516, Start Up Genius

Career Perks:

This career really does offer some great perks including a massive wall mounted TV, an unbreakable Game Mat, a Top Secret computer, plus loads of focus-creating decorative objects.

09-03-15_11-59 AM-2


This career really is fun to play. Not only do your Sims get to play video games as a way to advance, but they get some amazing rewards for their troubles! After level 6 the option is to either choose the entrepreneurial route which drops the video games in favour of the charisma skill (but brings a nice paycheck!), or follow the eSports Gamer route which continues with the video gaming and programming requirements. The Gamer career pays less, and the working hours shift to evenings, but the gamers can easily earn extra simoleons from their programming/video gaming out with work hours to top up their earnings. The Entrepreneur path is great for family-oriented Sims, as it settles into great working hours that fit around school times, leaving plenty of time to socialise with the relatives!

Hints and Tips

Get started on those mobile apps early if you are going down the Start Up Entrepreneur route.

As I mentioned earlier, your Sims can get the most (simoleons) out of the Gamer career if they make use of their skills outside working hours. Programming can offer some nice monetary rewards.

Family Sims are better suited to the Entrepreneur career track, as they’ll have more time to spend with their loved ones.

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