Sims 4 First Snow MOD Preview!

SimCookie has been working on an amazing new mod for The Sims 4 which replaces the worlds trees and textures with those of snowy ones! All of the worlds trees will be covered in snow and tons of the world decorations are frosty and white! The mod brings some new terrain paints to edit our lots with new snowy grounds.

Greg started working on the Mod on the 27th of October and he’s documented the Mods progress on twitter right up until today when the mod will finally release! Originally the Mod was just going to be for Gregs game but after seeing everyones excitement and love for it he decided to release it for everybody. Here are some of the steps SimCookie posted on Twitter.

The sidewalks are now covered by snow! #TheSims4 First snow mod – 5 days to go! (But stay tuned ^_^)

Well today I added these trees and these terrain paints!

I can’t wait to turn off all the green and the pink to white! 😀 (Still in progress)

I did it, Tree without leaves #TheSims4 #Winter

The Mod is Available now! For you to download and before you do check out some of my screenshots I took with the beautiful First Snow Mod!

      11-09-15_6-17-24 PM  11-09-15_6-20-49 PM  11-09-15_6-23-25 PM  11-09-15_6-24-00 PM

      11-09-15_6-26-08 PM  11-09-15_6-28-22 PM  11-09-15_6-30-19 PM  11-09-15_6-33-58 PM


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