The Sims 4 Get Together: INTERVIEW!

Get Together Interview

Hey Everyone! If you remember back in March I had an Interview with a SimGuru about Get To Work, well guess what! I’m hosting another interview with a SimGuru about Get Together! Are you excited? Because I certainly am. I have already sent off the questions and will be receiving answers soon. Be Sure to check out the questions below and Stay tuned for the interview!

First off, Thank you so much for hosting an interview with me :) I’ll try and keep to a small amount of questions!

In Get Together we see Clubs are introduced to The Sims 4, How do Gatherings work? Can we set certain days/times our clubs will have meetings or do we click ‘start gathering’ and one will automatically start?

Leading on from that question, will Gatherings be like parties with goals to achieve and a certain amount of time to complete them goals?

I saw in the trailer our Clubs can have ‘logos’ How many Logos will Get Together have? There looked to be around 12 in the trailer? :)

If our Sims club is hosting a gathering but one of the members is supposed to be at work will they go to work or skip the work day?

How many lots does Windenburg come with? Including the ones SimGuruDaniel said are ‘harder to reach’

A while back we were told Get Together would come with new traits and aspirations, could you share what one of the new traits will be?

How many Dance styles will the dance skill have? Do we see dances like the Smustle or Slow dancing return?

Can Clubs meet anywhere? In secret lots or places like Granite falls?

Does Get Together have any new careers?

Are there new collectables/recipes in Get Together?

What’s new for children and teens in Get Together?

What first sparked the discussion/idea to make Get Together?

What’s the fire dancing object we’ve been seeing in the trailers?

How do cafes work? Can Sims order food to go?

Is there anything unannounced that we’ll see over the next few weeks?

Finally, What’s your Favourite feature in Get Together?


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