Cafés, Clubs and Exploring Windenburg: INTERVIEW

Hi everybody! Last week was Creators Camp at EA in San Francisco, This site isn’t nearly as popular as some such as SimsVIP or Youtubers Deligracy and xUrbanSimsx so I wasn’t invited but thanks to the huge success of my previous interview I’ve managed to get another! Thank you to SimGuruDrake and SimGuruSarah for getting me the interview and SimGuruRomeo For Answering my questions! Let’s get into it!

First off, Thank you so much for hosting an interview with me I’ll try and keep to a small amount of questions!

In Get Together we see Clubs are introduced to The Sims 4, How do Gatherings work and will they have goals to achieve? Will Sims who have to be at work are invited to a gathering will they go to work or skip the work day?

SimGuruRomeo: When you create a Club in Get Together there will be a set of Club Activities that you can choose from or if you join one of the Clubs in the Get Together these will already be set. These activities will determine how the Sims in the Club will behave, during a Club gathering. While you are in a Club Gathering, and performing Club Activities, your Sims will earn Club Points that they can spend purchasing gameplay perks. You will be able to purchase crazy perks like skill boosts and Club Vibes.

A while back we were told Get Together would come with new traits and aspirations, could you share what one of the new traits will be?

SimGuruRomeo: One of the new traits in Get Together is the Insider trait. This trait will make Sims sad if they are not in the know. They are most happy while in a Club and hanging out with friends.

How many Dance styles will the dance skill have? Will we see dances like the Smustle or Slow dancing return?

SimGuruRomeo: Your Sim will learn a new dance move at every new Skill level. In addition to these new moves, your Sim will have the option to challenge Sims to a dance battle, at which point they could pull off completely unique moves.

What’s new for children and teens in Get Together?

SimGuruRomeo: Kids will be able to play the brand new arcade machine, as well as the foosball table. With Clubs you will also be able to create Kids only Clubs!

Finally, What’s your favorite feature in Get Together?

SimGuruRomeo: I am a little biased since I was the producer on Clubs, but I do love the flexibility and power of the Clubs feature. With Clubs you can control a group of Sims without having to worry about their day to day activities and motives. This makes for very fun and engaging stories.

Thanks again SimGuruSarah and Drake for getting me the Interview and SimGuruRomeo for answering my questions! Be Sure to follow us and the Gurus for the latest Sims 4 News! The Sims 4 Get Together is out December 8th


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