Get Together: Info Roundup

The Sims 4: Get Together releases in just over one week, and I’m here to give you the latest dose of information on the second Expansion pack for The Sims 4. The Pack focuses on making your Sims much more social and introduces the Clubs feature. Along with clubs Get Together comes with the beautiful world of Windenburg, Cafés and much, much more!

Joining, Creating and playing with Clubs- In the bottom right corner of the games UI, There’s a new button to join or make your own club. Clicking it will open the Clubs panel, From there you can make your own or join an existing club in the world. At the bottom of the Clubs manager there will be a button to create a club,  When you create your own Club you can set the Club’s preferred venue and where they like to hangout, using Club Points you can buy a door that only your club can access and place it on community lots for your Sims to have a back room for them to paint or practice the latest moves. You can set the rules of your club, 5 do s and 5 don’t s, you can also set your clubs outfit, a certain style, colour or design the outfit yourself.

Clubs have requirements; you can set certain traits, a level of a skill and even have an age limit on your club. If your Sims don’t meet the requirements they will not be able to join the club. To start a gathering, open the club UI from the bottom right corner and click ‘Start Gathering’ If a club plans a gathering while the active Sim is at work or doing something there will be a pop up asking if you’d like to skip work to attend the gathering. Doing this will result in a work performance loss. If your Sim starts the gathering while the other members are at work they will be forced to attend.

Clubs will have a list of Do s and Don’t s. There can be up to 5 of each and performing the suggested activities build Club Points. Club Points can be used to buy Perks for your club, you can pick emotions your Sims will feel during gatherings and even special knocks and handshakes. When a Sim is doing a suggested activity their club icon will go green, when they are performing a band activity their club icon will go red. When your Sim is misbehaving they can be scolded and even kicked out of the group.

Screenshot (391)

Exploring Windenburg- Windenburg is the beautiful new world coming in Get Together, It’s the largest world we’ve seen in The Sims 4 so far, Coming with 27 Lots, 2 of them are 64 x 64, and 3 of them are Special lots that cannot be edited. These 3 lots are the Ancient Ruins, The Chalet Gardens and The Island Bluffs. Windenburg is split into 4 Main sections and into 8 Neighbourhoods. The 4 sections are The New modern district, The Old town area, the Countryside and The Island. The 3 Special lots are in their own hoods. There are 2 ways to access each of the 3 lots, you can access them through the map or through the neighbourhoods.

The Ancient Ruins are the perfect place to throw a party, if there isn’t enough room for your Sims to throw a party there you can decorate on the little lot behind the ruins. There’s a new party type ‘Dance Party‘ and you can host it at the ruins, occasionally people will invite your Sim to a party there. If you don’t want to access the ruins through the map your Sim can travel there through the big guard gate in the middle of Old Town.

Screenshot (445)

The Chalet Gardens have an estate where throughout the property, there are plaques with fun facts, you can even run into the ghostly owners and learn a bit about their pasts. You can send your Sims deep into the maze and if you aren’t out by night it will start to get a little foggy. There’s some seating areas spread out around the hood and even a spot for your engaged Sims to elope by the little waterfall. If you don’t want to access the gardens through the map you can get to them through the gate in the outskirts of the countryside.

The Bluff is a beautiful little island off the outskirts of Windenburg. Travel there with your Sims lover for a spot of skinny dipping in the new Natural Pools and If you own Get To Work take some stunning photographs of the ancient, castle walls. Make sure your Sims don’t scare the islands resident Emily. Travel to them through the map or through the gap in the bushes by the Islands largest lot.

Pools and the diving platform- Pools are given quite an update with the addition of Get Together, First off there will be an update before Get Together releases which adds new colours for your pools, one of them is a bright purple/red colour. The Patch will also add Pool lots to our Games. Get Together adds edges to pools, smoother/sleeker ones and rocky ones. There will be a few more pool colours added in Get Together, more murky colours, plants that lay on top of the pools and diving platforms are also coming in the expansion. Along with the colours and diving platforms we also get some steam and bubble machines to create an effect in our Sims Pools.

Cafés, Pubs and Bar updates- Cafés are new to The Sims 4 in Get Together and will be a new hangout for our Sims to enjoy a quick drink and snack. Your Sims can grab an espresso or croissant and when they do so they can order it to eat in or to go. If there’s no Barista tending the machines your Sim can Hire one or tend the bar themselves. Here’s a list of The food and drinks you can order at the bar from SimsVIP

  • Scone (§3)
  • Croissant (§3)
  • Pain au Chocolat (§5)
  • Cannoli (§7)
  • EXPRESso (§3)
  • Cappuccino (§6)
  • ‘Mericano (§6)
  • Caffe Latte (§8)
  • Mocha (§8)
  • Perfect Pre-Work Shot (§8)
  • Macchiato (§12)
  • Barista’s Recommendation (§15)

Screenshot (419)

Pubs are also new in Get Together and have a place for your Sims to play a game of foosball, darts or Don’t wake the Llama. You can buy some new drinks and foods here’s another list from SimsVIP.

  • Chips
  • Bowl of Olives (§7)
  • Pretzel (§7)
  • French Fries (§10)
  • Meat and Cheese Platter (§10)
  • Pita and Hummus Tapas (§10)
  • Breadrolls (§12)
  • Currywurst (§18)
  • Fish and Chips (§18)
  • Cream Cola (§12)
  • Barley Bale (§18)
  • Rootbeer Float (§18)
  • Wutaheftabir (§18)
  • EAPA (§20)
  • Assorted Hidden Drinks

Bars and Pubs are updated with Get Together and introduce themed nights, Each night has a different theme and some of the themes are Ladies night, Guys Night, Singles night and Knight night.

DJ Skill– Get Together introduces the new DJ skill! Buy a DJ Booth and your Sims can start ‘spinning mixes’ to improve in the skill and unlock new genres of music! Sims will eventually be able to make their own mixes to play. The more your Sims practice, the more you’ll be able to do. Once you unlock genres, Sims will be able to watch and dance to your mixes. Sims can request songs and even tip the DJ if they like the beat.

DJ Sims can hype the crowd and even take over all TVs on the lot, they will sometimes wear an awesome digital mask that has some cool pictures on it. There are 4 types of DJ booth.

Dance Skill- Sims can gain the dance skill by practising their dance moves, they can practice in front of floor mirrors, by the radio and on the dance floor. The more your Sim practices the more dances they learn, they can also unlock a cardboard dance floor. To show off your dance moves find a dance floor or place the dance floor. You can also have Dance Battles with other Sims and perform group dances. There are 3 styles of dance floors and they come in 3 different sizes.

Screenshot (359)


Miscellaneous Notes-

-Build/Buy mode has around 217 items

-You can make out and woohoo in the closet, children can play in it and you can make over yourself or other Sims in it. There are 3 types of closet, 2: 2 x 2 and 1: 2 x 1.

-There are 2 types of Anything goes party bush and your sims can woohoo in them, “fertilise” them and even nap in them.

-Windenburg has lots of FX: Boats, goats, sheep, ducks, pigeons, “Emily” the Loch ness monster and even doves.

-Avant Gardes, Garden Gnomes, Knights of the Hedge, League of Adventurers, Paragons, Powerhouse, Renegades, Spin Masters, The Good Timers, and Upper Crusts are all clubs in Get Together.

-Sims can ‘overthrow’ the leader of a club by spreading rumors and talking them down to the other club members.

-In Create a Sim, Women will have 8 new hairstyles, 15 shirts, 1 pants, 7 skirts, 12 outfits, 9 accessories, 1 costume, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 make-up additions, and 2 hats. Men will have 5 hairstyles, 1 new facial hair style, 15 shirts, 3 pants, 4 outfits, 5 accessories, 1 costume, 4 pairs of shoes, and 2 new hats. Girls will have 4 new hairstyles, 5 new shirts, 5 outfits, 1 costume, 3 shoes. Boys will get 2 hairstyles, 3 shirts, 3 outfits, 1 costume, 1 pair of shoes, and 1 pair of socks.




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