My first WHOLE year of Blogging!

So, I guess you could say my first year of Blogging went pretty well. In fact, not pretty well; It went great! Over the past year I’ve made tons of friends not just on this Blog but over on twitter too, I can confidently say The Sims community is AMAZING! Everyone is so welcoming and kind (Something that made my first year on here feel so great) And everyone is SO helpful! SimsVIP, The Sims community, SimsOnline, EnglishSimmer and many more Simmers have helped me overcome this first year with ease! I certainly wouldn’t be here without the SimGuru’s who have also been so helpful the past year! They are always up for a good chat on Twitter, they gave me two interviews, helped me with advice in chats and are just so friendly! I’d also like to thank everyone who gave me their responses below! And Of course all of you who read this Blog because I wouldn’t be here without you!

I couldn’t hold a giveaway this year due to some problems outside of my Simming life and I was kind of disappointed about that. I still wanted to do SOMETHING for you guys, so I came up with the idea to post some peoples favourite memories of The Sims and, Lets just say some of them were ‘interesting’ Lets get started shall we?

SimGuru Sarah


Playing the Game – In The Sims 2 I had spent a bunch of time in CAS making the perfect Sim. She was a little sad about being single, so she decided to cheer herself up with Baked Alaska. When it came time to light it on fire she fumbled and dropped it all her over self! Fire! She was on fire! And since she lived alone there was nothing I could do but watch her burn ;_; At the time it was very traumatizing, but after all these years it has remained a really memorable anecdote (it makes me giggle even now) as it illustrates the randomness of The Sims, and how sometimes even we as Gods are powerless within the simulation.

English Simmer


My very best memory of The Sims franchise over the past 16 years has been the creativity it has brought into my life. The Sims is a game that has infinite possibilities for the infinite players. I’ve played hundreds of families, with all The Sims games and I have loved every single one. The stories are endless



Oh god…too many memories with the sims. I think the best memory would be playing with my sims and working my way up to the top of their perfection and because im a builder, building their dream homes and living their lives.



I have so many memories of the Sims, it’s hard to pick one, there have been so many nice moments with my friends in the community. One memory that does stand out is how excited I was when I realised Sim Gurus Tatertot and Copeland were hinting that we were getting cows in a store set. I was so excited my heart was racing and I couldn’t breathe! XD It’s a nice memory because it reminds me of how much fun we used to have trying to guess the next store sets.



My best memory for The Sims was always getting a new expansion pack, running home to install it, and hearing the new music that played when the game was loading. Such fun! And while the music doesn’t change in The Sims 4 (or at least not yet) it’s still just as exciting even 16 years later!

Iron Seagull


It’s very hard to choose just one! But I’ll go with a crazy memory from The Sims 3. I was playing as an inventor, and he was on a date which was going pretty well. The junkyard was on the way back home, so I thought “Hey, might as well quickly stop there,” even though he was still with his date. This junkyard was quite small…I had my inventor go up to detonate one scrap pile, thinking it wouldn’t matter much. Imagine the look on my face when it caused a chain reaction, blowing up the entire junkyard and my two sims! I then got a notification from his date saying something like “Someone in this group has serious issues they need to sort out, I’m out of here.” I was laughing so hard! Only in The Sims could I act out such a bizarre scenario.



My best memory of the sims game would be when I had The Sims 2 on GameCube … I was able to create sims as my family. Then build a house that matched ours. But the best this that I loved about to game was … There were goals in the game. Goals to become a better sim. I had so much fun trying to reach my goals. & the more goals I met the better my sim was & career. Till there was no more goals & I was swimming in money.


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