Astronaut Career


Interstellar Smuggler or Space Ranger

Skills Required:
Logic, Fitness, Rocket Science
Ideal Mood:
Focused (but changes to Energised once you reach level 4)
Ideal Traits:
Active, Genius, Ambitious
Top Hourly Wage:
$422, Space Ranger
Career Perks:
A new drinks recipe, a snazzy rocketship or some new CAS parts, to name a few!
The Astronaut career is a lot of fun!  Your Sim starts off as an Intern at SpaceY and as they progress through the ranks their role brings them closer and closer to those stars.
After level 7 the career splits into two branches.  If you want to end up in a job with minimal hours and a cool Apollo Rocketship, choose the Space Ranger branch.  However, if your Sim is more of a Harrison Ford than a Buzz Lightyear, opt for the Interstellar Smuggler branch: they’ll get a Retro Rocketship and an awesome Smuggler uniform.
Hints and Tips
Applying for a job is easier than ever in Sims 4: just click on the briefcase symbol located at the bottom right hand side of your screen.  Or your Sims can even apply for a job via their phones!
In the early stages if you find you can’t afford to purchase a chess board to build your Sims’ logic, you can visit a community lot that has one.  And if there are no chess boards on your community lots it’s very easy to add one, just click the build mode button at the top right hand corner, and voila! A chess board without the fuss – or the Simoleons!
In the Astronaut career it’s a good idea to start building your Sim’s fitness skill early on – it will prove helpful in the more challenging roles and help speed up those promotions!

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