Athletic Career


Professional Athlete or Bodybuilder

03-28-15_12-26 PM

Skills Required:

Fitness, Charisma
Ideal Mood:
Energised, but this changes to Confident if you opt for the Bodybuilder branch
Ideal Traits:
Active, Self-Assured, Bro
Top Hourly Wage:
$500, Mr. Solar System
Career Perks:
Trophies/Posters, Trophy Cabinet, New Social Interactions, a treadmill or weightlift machine, and new outfits in CAS – including the Llama outfit!
The athletic career splits early on – after level four you get to choose which branch to follow.  The Professional Athlete branch is perfect for your budding Sim Sportstar, they’ll need to be at the peak of their fitness and have a sparkling personality to win over those fans!
 03-28-15_12-40 PM
The Bodybuilder branch is ideal for Sims who worship their bodies and desire perfection.  Their charisma will come in handy when training those celebrities!
03-28-15_1-05 PM
Hints and Tips
With the most recent patch (26th March 2015, full patch notes can be found on the Forums) your Sims can now make friends at work! If you select socialise with co-workers, your Sim will now meet real Sims and build real relationships with them.  You can also ask a Sim about their career!
This career values charisma as much as it does fitness, so I would recommend heading to the local gym rather than sending your Sims out for a jog or having them work out at home.  At the gym your Sim can socialise with other Sims as they work out – it’s a win-win situation!

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