Business Career


Investor or Management

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Skills Required:

Logic, Charisma

Ideal Mood:

Energised, up until level 5 where it switches to Confident. If you opt for the Investor career branch at level 7, it then changes again to Focused.

Ideal Traits:

Genius, Self-Assured, Outgoing

Top Hourly Wage:

$406, Angel Investor

Career Perks:

New Social Interactions which include ‘Imitate Boss’ and ‘Offer Career Advice’, new CAS parts, business-related objects including a bookshelf, a flipchart, and an executive desk and chair – many offering Confident/Focused aura’s depending on the branch you choose.


The business career shifts your focus to logic and those all-important social skills.  After all, it’s not what you know, but who you know, when you want to make it to the top of the business career! You don’t need friends to make it, but you do need to know the art of conversation.

The two different career branches offer some interesting perks. If you opt for the Investor branch, then your Sim unlocks the option to Invest in Stocks – but be warned, there are risks! You have a chance to earn a lot back from your investments, but you could also lose epically.

The Management branch offers the option to Make Business Calls which, if successful, can really help get that promotion that much faster. Business Calls can only be made during the hours of 8am and 8pm on weekdays, meaning you have to make them outside of office hours.

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Hints and Tips

If your Sim prefers researching facts and figures to gathering juicy gossip over the water cooler, then the Investor branch is a better choice for them since the emphasis is placed more on their logic skills – they will still require that dazzling charisma though!

I suggest sending your business-savvy Sim to the park to play chess with their neighbours – this way they can build their social skills and logic all at once.

Emotions 1-0-1!

Emotions play a key part in the careers in Sims 4, and there are some simple ways to achieve them. In the Business career there are actually three different ideal moods, depending on what stage of the career you’re at: energised, confident and focused.

Here are some easy ways to achieve those moods:

  • Energised: a quick jog before work, or a brisk shower, can quickly send your Sim into an energised mood. Once this emotion is achieved your Sim can work longer without tiring – perfect for those first few tiers of the business career!
  • Confident: for a self-assured Sim, sometimes just getting out of bed is enough to get that confident emotion! For everyone else, confidence can be gained from sending a text, cooking a meal, or brushing their teeth. Minty-fresh breath sure does help when talking to those colleagues!
  • Focused: this emotion can be gained when your Sim tries pondering moves at a chess board, or practices programming on the computer. I’ve found that Browsing Simpedia seems to be the quickest way to achieve it – handy if your Sim needs a quick emotion fix before they head to the office!

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