Criminal Career


Boss or Oracle

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Skills Required:

Mischief, Handiness/Programming depending on branch

Ideal Mood:

Somewhat surprisingly, the ideal mood for criminals (up until level 5 of the career) is playful! This can be explained by the mischief requirements for levelling up though. After level 5 the ideal mood changes to Focused for both branches.

Ideal Traits:

Genius, Mean, Goofball, Evil

Top Hourly Wage:

$445, The Boss

Career Perks:

Unlocked build mode objects including a Stolen ATM, a Punching Bag and a Computer. Note that all reward objects for this career create the playful mood; helpful for those mischief interactions! New CAS parts are also awarded – I lovethe Matrix-esque look of the Oracle uniform!  Add to that the interesting interactions that are unlocked, which include Pick Pocket, Hack Mainframe, and Search for Bank Blue Prints, and this is one very interesting career to play!

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The criminal career is obviously an ideal option for those of our less-than-honest Sims (let’s admit it, we all have them!).  Your Sim doesn’t necessarily have to be evil, but a knack for mischief helps. Of course, an evil/mean Sim will naturally excel in this field of work – especially if they follow the Boss branch which requires daily mean interactions to progress.

When the career splits, your Sim has a chance to specialise in a specific area of crime. The Oracle branch focuses on cyber-crime, so your Sim will need to hone those programming skills to be able to hack and create viruses. The Boss branch, on the other hand, is a more hands on role – your Sim will be expected to jump into the fray and that requires handiness. A necessity for breaking into those banks!

I personally love the diversity of this career, as both branches are so different. As I mentioned earlier, the Boss branch is better suited to those with an Evil or Mean streak as they will be no stranger to making enemies – if they delight in it, all the better! The Oracle branch opens up an avenue for those Sims who perhaps aren’t truly dastardly, but want a taste of the underworld all the same.

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Hints and Tips

This career expects you to come to work feeling light-hearted and playful for the first 5 levels. A playful mood can be easily achieved just by watching a comedy show on TV, or telling jokes. Also, Sims with the goofball trait are naturally playful and can frequently wake up with the playful moodlet.

Once you pass level 5, the ideal mood switches to Focused regardless of which branch you choose. If your Sim has chosen the Boss branch, I suggest buying a woodwork table and having your Sim practice their handiness, as this offers a focused moodlet.

If your Sim chooses the Oracle branch, have them use the Hack Mainframe interaction on the computer (unlocked at level 7) as this can achieve multiple things at once: it counts towards their daily task, it gives them a focused moodlet, and it builds the Programming skill.

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