Culinary Career


Chef or Mixologist05-05-15_3-17 PM

Skills Required:

Cooking, Mixology, Gourmet Cooking, Charisma

Ideal Mood:

Inspiration is key in this career – your Sim should go to work bursting with foodie thoughts or new drinks concoctions! Get your Sim inspired by Having a Thoughtful Shower, or Watching the Cooking Channel for Ideas.

Ideal Traits:

Foodie, Outgoing, Creative

Top Hourly Wage:

$410, Celebrity Chef

Career Perks:

You can practically restyle your whole kitchen with the rewards objects from this career: new countertops, a sink, refrigerator, and cooking-inspired décor are just a few of them! Mixologists also get the Bar Setters bar upon reaching level 10.

Both careers open up the option to write a new genre-book based on the career branch; Chefs can write their own cook books, whilst Mixologists can write bar guides. A great way to earn extra Simoleons!


The culinary career is such a fun career to play! I personally think the Chef branch is a great option for family-oriented Sims, because when they progress to the higher levels of the career the hours are quite family-friendly (Pastry Chef and Celebrity Chef in particular) and the daily task of cooking meals is an easy one to achieve since it is something your Sim does anyway.05-05-15_2-38 PMThe Mixologist branch is perfect for your talkative, night-owl Sims. Not only will they need to know how to mix a drink, but they’ll need the confidence and charisma to fill the silence whilst they mix! In this branch, the art of conversation is almost as important as the art of mixing drinks.

It’s worth noting that there is a big difference in salary between the Chef and Mixologist roles, and Mixologists will be expected to work longer and more unsociable hours.

Hints and Tips

The daily task for this career (up until level 6) is to prepare food or mix drinks. Preparing food is so easy to fulfil since our Sims can practically achieve it just by making themselves their daily meals. Mixing drinks is simple enough, but unless your Sim has the Simoleons (and the space!) to buy a bar, they’ll need to hit the town and try moonlighting.  Use this to your advantage!  This is a great way to build your Sim’s charisma skill because they can chat to the locals whilst they practice their drinks – before you know it they’ll be achieving those promotions!05-05-15_3-14 PM-2


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