Entertainer Career


Comedian or Musician

05-08-15_12-20 PM

Skills Required:

Comedy, Charisma, Guitar, Violin, Piano

Ideal Mood:

As with the Culinary career, this career also sets Inspired as the ideal mood. However, unlike other careers there is a switch at just level 2, changing the ideal mood to Playful. This is to cater for levels 3 and 4 which are more aimed at the comedy side of things.

Ideal Traits:

Creative, Outgoing, Goofball, Cheerful, Music Lover

Top Hourly Wage:

$474, Show Stopper

Career Perks:

The rewards for this career are such a mixed bag of objects, interactions and décor! If you choose the Musician branch, the highlights are almost certainly the Classical Genius Antique Piano and the Rock Legend Signed Guitar. For the Comedians, the Studio Equity Track Lighting Kit and the What a Star You Are Wall Mirror are the most notable items unlocked with career progression.


This is an interesting career to play, partly because two very different branches of entertainment are combined and do not split until level 4. As result of this, your Sim will need to hone both their music and comedy skills. The first levels focus more on the music angle, and require you to choose to build either the violin or guitar skill.

After level 4, the career splits into its branches. Comedians will be expected to practice their comedy and charisma skills so that they can successfully keep the crowds entertained!

Musicians will need to devote their time to study of their chosen instrument – guitar or violin – as well as learning the piano. Indeed, as the career progresses Piano becomes the main instrument of focus.

Hints and Tips

The Comedian branch is clearly the better paying of the two branches, however Musicians looking to make some extra money can take their guitar or violin to a public area and busk to earn extra Simoleons! This is an ideal way to meet the daily task of playing an instrument, whilst improving your Sim’s skill and making money from it!  And if that wasn’t enough, Musicians are also able to License Songs which can be high earners in their own right!

Comedians need to go to work in a Playful mood, and this is easy to achieve. Have them watch the comedy channel on TV for an hour or two, or take a bubble bath, and they’ll be laughing all the way to that next promotion.05-08-15_12-24 PM


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