Painter Career


Patron of the Arts or Master of the Real

Skills Required:

Painting, Charisma, Logic

Ideal Mood:

Inspiration is key for advancing in this career, but it can be easily achieved as the award objects from this career offer the inspired moodlet.

Ideal Traits:

Creative, Outgoing, Perfectionist

Top Hourly Wage:

$492, Master of the Real

Career Perks:

You get some great, arty reward objects from this career path and not only do they boost inspiration, but they’re great for fashioning an artistic themed home: canvasses, multiple easels, Van Gogh-inspired sunflowers, and (with the Patron of the Arts branch) you even get a brand new bed!

Painter Career


This was a fun career to play, and definitely one of the most straight-forward. It was easy to advance through the ranks, particularly with my creative Sim.

After level 6, the career splits into its branches. Painters committed to their artistic cause are probably better suited to the Master of the Real branch, whereas charismatic art lovers are more suited to the Patron of the Arts branch where they can promote the arts and themselves equally. In addition to their painting skill, Patrons will need to build their charisma to advance, whereas Master of the Arts need to build their logic.

Hints and Tips

Use the reward objects to help boost inspiration – this can really speed up the skill building!

Painters have the ability to capture moods on canvas which is not only useful for the painter but it can also benefit the rest of the household.

Get on the phone and call that agent for the chance to increase those Simoleons!  Or better yet, try selling your paintings to the local Art Gallery.


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